Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Sticky"

For my first post I'm simply going to "reprint" my latest post at Fizzle & Pop.


Once again I decided to try my hand at ArtRage 2 and see what I could come up with. I have also included some of the stages that it passed through. Click the pics to see bigger versions of each.

Once again I stuck with the pencil tool for the most part. The only exception is the background that I made with the roller. I tried to work with the oils first, but – much like real life – paint just isn't my friend. I'll try working at it as a side project and see if I can make something decent out of it however for something on a deadline like IF I think it would be wise to stick with what I'm "good" at. One thing I can't remember about oils though: do you work from light to dark, or dark to light? Anyhow. On with the steps.

Here's the initial sketch, again done entirely in ArtRage 2. I made it on its own layer and built the final image on layers beneath it. Text on both this and the final were added in Photoshop.

I started by focusing on coloring the boy. This is what led me to discover – and report – a bug within AR2. After completing the initial sketch I exported the image as a Photoshop file (PSD) so that I could track the steps that I went through.

After I reached this point of coloring I shut down AR2, then came back to it a bit later. When I opened my original file none of the color work that I had done was there. I opened the PSD in Photoshop and the color work WAS there. IT was most strange, but it seems that after I exported the file the program decided that the PSD was the main file I was working on. So, every time I saved, it updated the PSD instead of the file I was expecting it to. Thinking I had essentially lost the time that I had spent on it, I decided I to delete the color layer from the PSD, since I can't get the same level of "pencil" look with Photoshop, and finish the drawing in my old standard cut paper style. However I still wanted to do a paint roller background, so I saved the PSD – after having tossed the color layer – and imported it into AR2. I thought it would come in flat and I would then make the background, save it as something else, open it in PS and copy the background over.


It kept its layers when imported. Oh, sure, it probably wouldn't have surprised someone who read the manual, but that guy isn't me. It was then that I realized if I hadn't tossed out the color layer I could have continued to work on it after all. Oops.

Because I didn't really want to do this drawing as cut paper, and because I now understood what had happened and wouldn't be messed up by it again, I resumed work in ArtRage 2.

Stage 2

Working a little differently this time, I decided to block in all of the colors first thing. I had wanted to show a stage with JUST the colors blocked in, but I got into the "zone" and basically forgot until after I had already begun to detail the boy. I'm just really not that great at capturing the steps I go through when making something. Add that to the long list of crap I need to work on.

Stage 3

At this point I've detailed a few more objects and I've also decided to stop tracking the stages because it really can't be that interesting. "Now here, you see, I've added a bit of line and shadow to create the kite string. Next I've touched up the shadows a bit around the kid's feet." Bah. Now if I could find a way to do a video of the work, that would be awesome.

Anyhow, it was fun, it's done and I hope you, my mostly invisible audience, enjoy it. Feel free to comment.


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