Thursday, February 25, 2010

Starting over

Okay, enough of this. I'm packing my shit and moving to WordPress. Why? because I need to learn as much of the ins and outs of that system as my aged brain possibly can for my day job, and what better way to learn it than to use it? Don't expect much off the bat though. It's still pretty early in the process, and currently I'm importing as much as I can from my old Blogger sites.

So, if you managed to hang on this long, things are finally going to change for the better (he says with a politician's smile)!

This is... what... the third time I've left this place? the first was to go to Vox, but I never really liked it there. The second was to try my own blogging deal at but the software I was using made updating a chore. I'm pretty sure that makes this the third, which should make it the charm.

I'm hosting the new Visual Breakdown site at

I hope to see you there.



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